Project Ulwazi

Project Ulwazi

•  Many of founders of AEDC come from poor and activists backgrounds and had ambitions to support others who are unable to access higher education due to financial and other challenges.

•  AEDC believes that education is one critical element to address inequality. When poor people especially women and people living with HIV does not have access to equal education opportunities – those impacts on their ability to be recognised, fair job competition and remunerated.

•  Many community activists continue to be the anchors of many community organisations. They dedicate their lives challenging social injustices but many have no formal education to even be employable in those very organisations.

•  We exists to create an alternative vision for women activists and people living with HIV that investing in your development and education is an investment in your community.

•  We also exist to support women activists to document their stories, reflect on their organising and leadership. Collective define the new narratives of our struggles and our resistances against injustices.

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