Project Ulwazi

Project Ulwazi

Foundation Development

Project Ulwazi

We prepare activists for higher education through a foundation year course of preparation at the University of Stellenbosch (Africa Centre for HIV management). This course provides fully accredited introductory courses such as mathematics literacy, English, English for academic purposes, Life orientation and career guidance, critical reading and writing, research literacy, and support for learners. We also offer activists support with the university application process, psycho-social support (i.e. living allowance, transport, and advice on mental and physical wellness). When we expand to other provinces in South Africa, we hope to forge similar partnerships and collaboration with the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal (UKZN) and the University of South Africa (UNISA) for our new activist students.

Project Ulwazi

Academic Development

Project Ulwazi

Upon foundation phase completion, the activists will move to the academic development phase for a maximum of three years

   A section process is conducted upon assessment and suitability such possession:

•   Possession of senior certificate (or apply for Recognition of Prior Learning)
•   Active involvement and good track record in social justice for more than five years
•   Strong motivation and drive for learning.
•   We offer support in a limited list of course choices which will benefit broader

   What support is offered? (Subject to funding availability)

•   Advice how to access educational scholarships and bursaries within the education system.
•   Tutorial support is provided for each activist (upon needs assessment)
•   Monitoring progress on a regular basis.
•   Living allowance
•   Transport to and from the university
•   Referral for counseling when needed
•   Advice on how to maintain physical wellness.

Project Ulwazi

Student Mentorship and Coaching

   We offer:

•   Students who successfully graduated are offered opportunities for placement, job-shadowing, experiential learning with an organisation/institution of their choice.
•   Each graduate is expected to ‘pay it forward’ in their community through going back to their organisations of choice to support any social justice initiative.
•   Some graduates provide coaching to current and new activist students. This is also a way to provide a ‘pay it forward’ approach to other learners in the AEDC program.

The ‘pay it forward’ approach is implemented through internships to gain experience for those who have successfully completed their degrees within their current organization or other relevant organization. AEDC also provides soft leadership skills and basic technical skills workshops to prepare student activists who have completed their studies for their new employment opportunities.

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