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AEDC’s development philosophy centres around partnerships. In everything we do, we rely on collaboration with and support from like-minded partners who share our vision. We are very grateful to our partners and strive to never take their contributions for granted.

Acacia Global
Acacia Global

Acacia Global is a U.S.-based nonprofit that believes in transformational change. We partner with non-governmental organizations and community leaders in South Africa and Namibia to meet basic human needs, address social justice issues and increase capacity.

Founded in 2012, Acacia Global’s board of directors have been involved with HIV/AIDS, nutrition, income-generating, education and leadership projects in Cape Town, South Africa and Windhoek, Namibia for 14 years.

Over the course of our work in sub-Saharan Africa, we have developed deep relationships with leaders and nonprofit organizations that positively impact lives in communities that are profoundly impacted by poverty, disease and the lack of educational and economic opportunities. We are committed to transformational change and fostering greater understanding between diverse cultures.

Umoja Skills Development
Umoja Skills Development

Umoja skills development is a Non-Profile organisation with a mission and vision to empower all disadvantage and vulnerable people in Africa through training, skills transfer and income generated activates. We focused on making sure that women and men are well equipped with skills training such as, beading, sewing and arts & crafts.

Primary Objectives:

• We specialise in training people how to sewing a vast variety of products on an industrial machine’s

• Our beading courses are designed to make sure that people with creative abilities are recognised

• We specialise in manufacturing and supplying for different clients to their specification and needs.

Stellenbosch University
African Centre

​The Africa Centre for HIV/AIDS Management focusses on education, research, and community service related to HIV and AIDS management in the world of work. The Centre offers the most comprehensive postgraduate training programmes on HIV and AIDS management in the world, with students from more than 40 countries successfully completing these programmes over the last 17 years.

The Centre's diploma and degree programmes are endorsed by many international agencies. The Postgraduate Diploma in the Management of HIV and AIDS (PgDip) is designed for people who need the skills to develop and manage programmes related to HIV and AIDS. On successful completion of the PgDip, this qualification can lead to a Mphil degree and then a PhD.

International Partnership for Microbicides
International Partnership for Microbicides

​IPM’s mission: To develop HIV prevention products and other sexual and reproductive health technologies for women, and to make them available and accessible where they are urgently needed.

IPM: Working to Prevent HIV in Women

IPM is dedicated to providing women with affordable and self-initiated HIV-prevention strategies they can use to protect their own health. Founded in 2002 as a product development partnership (PDP), IPM has become an important partner in the microbicide field.

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